By Kelly Huth

Looking for fresh produce, herbs, and flowers? Find a bevy of locally grown, seasonal produce every Friday, June-August, 2-5 p.m. at LaFarmstand, Lafayette’s on-campus farmstand. This year, LaFarmstand will be located on the grassy area across from Wawa (on Cattell Street). 

The new location will make LaFarmstand more accessible to community members, says Josh Parr, manager of food and farm.

”The farmstand has moved over the years, and we’re hoping this new spot will be a convenient location for College Hill neighbors as well as faculty, staff, and students,” Parr says.

The farmstand features produce grown at LaFarm, the College’s sustainable 3-acre farm in Forks Township that now boasts a 30-by-48-foot greenhouse. In addition to providing food for the dining halls and community, LaFarm engages students and faculty in collaborative education and research.

For Olivia Simione ’26, LaFarm was what drew her to apply to Lafayette. “I looked for places that had natural spaces, farms, gardens, and I found Lafayette,” Simione says. “I applied to be on the farm crew before I even started classes.”

An environmental science major, Simione applied for a farm apprenticeship in ’23, and says the experience has evolved from a hobby to experience for a future career in sustainable agriculture. The farm provides real-world experience in regenerative agriculture, no-till farming, and serves as a multidisciplinary outdoor classroom. Simione notes the farm’s irrigation system was designed and built by engineering students.

Sauce, salsa, and more

LaFarmstand has been a summertime staple the last few years. Weekly offerings will include jarred salsas, tomato sauce, and a $20 mixed produce basket that features a rotating list of items.

Get a preview of what will be at the stand each week by signing up for LaFarm’s newsletter.

Pre-order online by 11:59 p.m. Wednesdays, and pick up your order at LaFarmstand Friday. Or stop by in person Fridays to purchase fresh produce, herbs, and flowers (cash or credit).

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  1. Deborah Shaver says:

    I live in the Nevin Park Apartments, & am excited this farmer’s market will be close by.

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