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What I study and why: My rerch centers around Bayesian statistics and computational algorithms for fitting models to data. Bayesian statistics is an alternative branch of traditional statistics that allows fitting of more complex models that incorporate multiple and varied sources of data. In order to do so, this area relies heavily on stochastic computational algorithms, which generate approximate solutions to the questions at hand. I develop software for these analyses that provides new and faster algorithms for applied Bayesian analyses.

This fall, I’m teaching: MATH 161 Calculus 1

What students can expect from me: We’ll keep a fun and energetic classroom environment, since that’s when learning is most effective. During class, we’ll use a variety of techniques to keep students engaged, assess progress, and keep things fun. This will include group work, students presenting solutions, and discussions of relevant examples. I’ll also solicit regular feedback from the class to understand what students find difficult, and how we can adjust the pacing and style of the class to help everyone learn and have fun.

I’m excited to be here because: Lafayette is a great school with a beautiful campus! I’m excited about the small class sizes and opportunity to work closely with students. I think everyone will enjoy class, myself included.

Getting to know me: I enjoy spending time outdoors, and I’m a keen cyclist. I also enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee, and I hope to find others seaon campus to play with. Please feel free to knock on my door anytime.

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