Headshot of assistant professor of government and law Dylan Groves with New York City street in the background

What I study and why: I study comparative politics, with a special focus on the role of media and journalism in nondemocratic countries. I still remember the day I decided on my dissertation topic. I was supposed to conduct an interview with an investigative journalist in Tanzania, but he wrote to cancel the interview the night before. The next day, I found out that he had been imprisoned. (My planned interview had nothing to do with it, and thankfully he is now free.) I remember thinking: If journalists’ work here is important enough to provoke state security officials, it deserves more academic attention.

This fall, I’m teaching: GOVT 103 Introduction to Comparative Politics. Comparative politics is the study of domestic politics in countries around the world. We will learn how outcomes like crime and violence, democracy, and economic development vary from place to place, then try to figure out why those differences emerged and what can be done about them.

What students can expect from me: I am an enthusiastic teacher and very committed to the intellectual development of my students. Many of the most important steps in my life only occurred because a teacher showed interest in my ideas and supported my skill development, and I hope I can do the same for as many students at Lafayette as possible. 

I’m excited to be here because: I never got the liberal arts experience as an undergraduate, and I always wish I had. Therefore, I am really excited to invest in the Lafayette community—both inside and outside the classroom.

Getting to know me: I am an off-and-on owner of cows and goats in Tanzania and Namibia, and I’m hoping to get started in pigs next.

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