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What I study and why: I work in an area known as geometric group theory, a branch of mathematics that lies at the intersection of algebra, topology, and geometry. The overarching goal is to study the interplay between abstract algebraic concepts and how they manifest in geometric phenomena or dynamic systems. This is an area of math that excites me, as it requires visualizing abstract concepts or developing techniques to do so. To my mind, math and questions pertaining to symmetry are intricately linked, and my research allows me to explore these connections.  

This fall, I’m teaching: Two sections of MATH 263 Calculus III.

What students can expect from me: I aim to be engaging, inclusive, and approachable with all of my students. Although the coursework may be a little challenging, I am readily available to work with students in order to help them succeed. Students mean much more to me than just their grade, and I strive to help them become well-rounded individuals in addition to achieving their professional goals. 

I’m excited to be here because: Having studied at a liberal arts college at the undergraduate level, I am very familiar with the emphasis that such institutions place on scholarly work and fostering close student-faculty interactions. Therefore, it has always been my wish to serve as a faculty member at such an institution. I believe my experience and goals—especially in terms of teaching and service—align closely with those of Lafayette College, and this makes me excited to be here! 

Getting to know me: I am a dancer, having practiced the art of Bharatanatyam (South Indian classical dance) for over two decades. I perform this dance form professionally on stage as permitted by the academic calendar, and I choreograph and present my own solo thematic productions. I also enjoy reading, Lego bricks, traveling, and archery.

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