This message was distributed via email to all Lafayette students, faculty, and staff.

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

As we return from fall break, I write to our beloved Lafayette community as the College Chaplain and Director of Religious and Spiritual Life to offer support on behalf of the College at this time of new horror and strife in the Middle East. No statement can adequately address the sense of helplessness and fear that many are experiencing. I know that many of us, from many backgrounds and faith traditions, are struggling with deep pain and grief, especially those with family and friends in the region.

We are committed to respect, dialogue, and stretching our minds and hearts to all members of our diverse community. We condemn violence of all forms. We share our love with those who mourn. We commit to support the path of justice and peace.

I also want to share that in the early hours of Saturday, colleagues in student life and international student support confirmed that no students and faculty are in the region. The College has several alumni in Israel and Gaza and is continuing to check on them. As an extra precaution, the administration immediately increased security around our religious spaces as well.

This unfolding situation will leave many in need of support. Please be mindful that others may be experiencing increased stress during this time. There are resources and people all across our community who are willing to help. The related offices are listed below this message. But more than that, I ask us all to look out for one another and to check in especially on those we may know who may be most deeply affected by this crisis. May we care for one another on this day, and every day.

In community,

Rev. Dr. Alexandra M. Hendrickson

Resources available:

The campus community should report any suspicious activity or security concerns to Public Safety at the following numbers: