This message was distributed via email to all Lafayette students, faculty, and staff.

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

As we continue to cope with the implications of the horrific loss of life in Israel and Gaza, I write to announce a community gathering for those who want to grieve, reflect, and be in fellowship with one another. First, my thanks to Chaplain Hendrickson for her important email on Wednesday and for her willingness to partner with me on that message. My thanks as well to our chaplain and to the students and other leaders that have been working with us to initiate the interfaith vigil we are announcing here.

Tomorrow, Saturday, October 14, at 5:30 p.m. in Colton Chapel, we will host an interfaith community vigil for all those who want to gather in mutual support at this time. We want all those who may be struggling with the pain and fear of these events to know they are welcome and are not alone in those feelings. We will have readings, music, and times of silence as we show our respect for those who have died or are in danger and join our voices in prayer and reflection in the name of peace.

We also aim to provide opportunities for those who want to learn more or engage in discussions about this crisis. Events are rapidly unfolding, of course, and we want to first absorb the emotional gravity of what is happening before we organize the appropriate kinds of academic events. We will share details about these programs as they develop.

We will continue to reach out to students and colleagues as we all cope with this grave crisis. Those who need support of any kind should reach out to any of the services we have available for you, which are listed below.

As our chaplain said in her letter, we are one community. Let us be there for each other when we most need it.

President Nicole Hurd

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