Special thanks to Amanda Manubag ’24 for her assistance in gathering many of the stories featured.

Elena Duffy smiles

“At Lafayette, I am most grateful for all of the people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and building lifelong connections with. I’ve never experienced a community quite like that of Lafayette, with such interesting people always willing to support one another. It is a place where I feel I can genuinely be myself and that I am happy to call home.”

Elena Duffy ’24, mathematics and economics


Headshot of Mike Bertucci, assistant professor of chemistry at Lafayette College

“I am grateful for my colleagues, especially in chemistry, who are supportive, ambitious, and care deeply about being the best teacher-scholars they can be. I am also grateful for the laughs and conversations I get to share with my students; I have the most fun getting to know their personalities, passions, and interests outside of chemistry and biochemistry.”

Michael A. Bertucci, assistant professor of chemistry


Amanda Manubag ’24 smiles.

“I am so grateful for the opportunities that Lafayette has provided for me as a student-athlete and for helping me prepare for my future. I’d like to thank my professors and mentors in the International Affairs Department for their guidance and unconditional support, as well as my teammates and friends on the fencing team for constantly reminding me of my potential. I would definitely credit Laf for the majority of my character development over the past four years, and I will continue to express my gratitude.”

Amanda Manubag ’24, international affairs


Benito Hergert ’25 smiles

“I’m grateful for my amazing professors, who have consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to teaching. Their efforts have eased challenging subjects and made the learning process not only rewarding but also enjoyable. I am particularly thankful for Prof. Brooks Thomas from the Physics Department, whose instruction has been invaluable over the past year. He is especially devoted to his students, and that is more than evident.”

Benito Hergert ’25, physics


Olivia Simione smiles

“I am thankful for the people at Lafayette: the dining hall workers who feed us daily, the grounds crew that keeps campus beautiful, classmates invested in their studies, the vibrant ResLife staff who support me as an RA, professors who are teachers, mentors, and friends, facilities workers who keep our buildings safe and clean, supportive friends, and all the kind and caring people in between. Of course, LaFarm has always been a huge part of my time here, and as I wrap up my apprenticeship, I reflect on all Farmer Josh [Parr], Teni Bakare ’23, and other mentors have taught me. I am thankful for LaFarm as a space to engage with nature and apply what I learn in the classroom in a meaningful way. I am thankful for this experience and all the unique opportunities that I am sure to encounter at Lafayette!”

Olivia Simione ’26, environmental science



Jia Tao smiles

“I’m grateful to be part of a community with strong connections and support. Over the years, my colleagues, both inside and outside my department, have played a crucial role in supporting my professional journey. In our department, we work together to create a curriculum that best serves our students. Outside our department, participating in meaningful discussions and utilizing CITLS resources have broadened my teaching strategies. I’m also thankful for our fantastic students; their dedication to excellence is truly inspiring. Their affection for our community and their eagerness to contribute to its growth foster continuous improvement and shared success.”

Jia Tao, associate professor of computer science


Anna Silver ’25 smiles.

“I am grateful for the community that Lafayette has given me. With all of the different clubs I am involved in, I am able to meet a lot of different people. Whether I meet someone in class, at Hillel, or fence them at practice, I feel supported and part of the Lafayette community. I am able to foster meaningful connections with many people, which contributes to making Lafayette feel like home.”

Anna Silver ’25, biochemistry


Antoine Mannes ’25 smiles

“I’m grateful for all the different people I met during my time here, who welcomed me into a new culture and challenged me every day to become the best version of myself.”

Antoine Mannes ’25, economics


Qwin Pisacane ’25 smiles with her twin

“I’m grateful for the engineering study abroad program. At a lot of other schools, engineers have a harder time studying abroad because of a strict course load, so it’s amazing that Lafayette offers engineers an opportunity catered to them. Going to Madrid, Spain, was one of the best experiences I’ve had at Lafayette. I explored new places, met new people, and formed stronger friendships with other Laf engineers. It was such a great opportunity!”

Qwin Pisacane ’25, integrative engineering


Zoe O’Connor ’25 smiles

“Lafayette’s warm and welcoming community is something that I’m extremely grateful for. Since the moment I first stepped on campus, I’ve never felt unwelcome or felt like I didn’t belong. I was afraid that I’d have trouble finding my people, but I can safely say that not only was it easier than I had anticipated, but the meaningful bonds that I’ve made here are ones that I know will last for the rest of my life.”

Zoe O’Connor ’25, psychology


Dysean Alexander smiles with his arms extended alongside two staff members.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to discover my ‘AND’ at Lafayette. I joined the community in 2019 just before the pandemic—not ideal!—but as my tenure progressed and campus life returned, I have been able to collaborate in many ways with community members. I have been able to help prospective students in admissions, advise current students through ABC (Association of Black Collegians), support Army ROTC cadets, live on College Hill, and even cheer on athletics with a big ROAR!” –Dysean Alexander, assistant director of admissions


Abby Schlotterbeck ’24 smiles

“I am so thankful for all the different people I have met through my different activities at Laf, and I am grateful for the family this school has given me through friendship.”

Abby Schlotterbeck ’24, biology


Sam Gilpin ’27 smiles

“I am grateful for the kindness everybody shares at Lafayette. If you ask anybody, they’re willing to help you with anything you need and make you feel like a part of the community no matter how long you’ve been a part of it. You can always find a helping hand at Lafayette.”

Sam Gilpin ’27, economics


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