The Strategic Planning Steering Committee shared draft 2.0 of the mission and values statements in January, and feedback was collected via an online survey. The steering committee carefully considered the comments and critiques offered to help craft revised, final drafts and the following brief FAQ to provide insight into how the committee addressed the topics that arose from the survey results.

FAQ: Final drafts of mission and values statements

Are Lafayette’s academic divisions and interdisciplinary studies emphasized appropriately?

The results of the survey feedback to draft 2.0 of the mission and values statements suggested that the statements did not adequately highlight the breadth of academic opportunity offered by the College. The revised, final drafts of both statements aim to more intentionally highlight the College’s variety of academic offerings and students’ ability to study within and across them.

What is the most effective way to describe the employees within our educational community?

Draft 2.0 of the mission and values statements makes use of the terms “teacher-scholars” and “staff-educators” to describe the many employees of the College who teach, support, develop, and nurture the student body. While these terms may in fact be accurate descriptors, there was significant sentiment within the feedback to suggest that the meanings of these terms were not universally understood or agreed upon, neither within the college community nor amongst the general public. The steering committee felt that it was vital that the mission and values clearly communicate both who we are and what we do, so the more clear and concise terms “faculty” and “staff” were used to characterize the employees of the College. 

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