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Caitlin Mitchell '13

Field hockey Second Team All-Patriot League defender Caitlin Mitchell ’13 (Plymouth, Vt.) discusses the challenges of chemistry and her secret plan to score a goal.

What is your major and what do you like about your major?
I am a civil engineering major. I enjoy it because it is based around problem solving, and most problems have a specific answer that can be found.

One class every Lafayette student should try to take is:
I think that all students at Lafayette should try to take chemistry… but only if you’re completely terrible at it like I was. So, in general, take a class that pushes the limits. Being in chemistry and trying to succeed at something that crushed me everyday made me realize that even the smallest things count, and if you make it through you’ll feel on top of the world. Just ask Coach Fisher. One day I got a 100 on a chemistry test, and I ran all the way to her office to show her. The quiz is still hanging on her cork board.

What are some of the goals for the women’s lacrosse team over the offseason and into the 2012 season?
Coming into the 2012 season, we need to come together tighter than we ever have before, rid ourselves of any outside distractions and learn how to win. We are young and can’t fully grasp how to win, we came so close this year several times and now we just need to bridge the gap.

What are the worst weather conditions you have ever competed in?
The worst weather conditions I have ever played in were in Berkeley, Calif. I can handle the snow and dropping temperatures – I’m a Vermont girl – but the rain that was coming down made it nearly impossible to move. Our kilts were falling off, the field was covered in the largest puddles I have ever seen, and it was raining so much that no matter how many times you wiped your eyes you still couldn’t see.

What sport would you play at Lafayette other than lacrosse?
If I could play another sport, I would play soccer.

Matt Panto from Lafayette Sports Network thinks you do a great job clearing the ball and getting the Leopards into their attack. But he also thinks you should take a few shots. Your thoughts?
Well this topic has been circulating and has been discussed a couple times. Fellow teammate Katie Leto ’13 and I have devised a top-secret plan called `golden goal’ which includes a few fake outs in transition and then, when the other team least expects it, I take it in. But the snag in the plan is that I can’t shoot for my life….literally. So that’s a nice thought for Matt, but I not sure it’s going to pan out. But maybe…

One place in the world you want to visit and why?
If I could visit one place in the world, I would go to the Gates of Arctic National Park in Alaska. I would go there because its uninhabited, rarely visited and I love the wild and it’s a truly wild place.

Your favorite television show as a kid:
Ren and Stimpy

Your celebrity look-alike:
Most people say I look quite similar to Eliza Thornberry. Spot on.

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