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What Attracted You to Lafayette?

What Makes the Combination of the Liberal Arts and Engineering a Distinctive Strength?

What are Your Thoughts on Lafayette as a Residential Community?

How Do You Expect to Spend Your First Year as President?

What Makes the Residential College Experience So Special to You?

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  1. Pastor James D. Shotwell SR BA, MDiv.1953 says:

    Welcome to Lafayette’s “Throne of Emerald”. America’s future awaits alumni/ae with a vision and mind and faith and communication skill and presence to be leaders in in both arts and engineering. God bless your service. What our Marquis gave to the birth of our nation may we together also give to our future World. You and Lafayette and her supporting friends and fortunate students, professors and trustees and staff and alumni/ae are in my prayers as my end of life years unroll. Pastor Jim Shotwell Sr., ’53, Delta, Ohio.

  2. Peter Hanson '61 says:

    Welcome Alison! I was thrilled to read of your selection as our next president. The College on the Hill gets better and better. I’m confident that you’ll bring a lot to us.

  3. Peter Batchelar says:

    As an engineering graduate, Class of ’65, I can tell you that even back then Lafayette boasted of that rare engineering/liberal arts connection. We were required as engineers to take 2 semesters of English freshman year and one Humanistic elective every semester thereafter. The result was a much more well-rounded candidate for employment than the engineering schools were turning out…..Many of my engineer classmates were able to transition to responsible management positions outside of engineering departments.

    Equally important to our college experience were the social and leadership opportunities afforded by the 19 fraternities then in existence. Most fraternity men formed relationships quite different than dorm residents as a result of a much more varied and interpersonal life experience. I am saddened by the events of the recent past where fraternities are held to a different standard than the general student population and where fraternity houses bought and paid for by the brothers have been appropriated by the college, presumably due to a bias against Greek life by faculty members who had never experienced it.

    Athletically, we compete on a national level with much larger institutions. A large segment of alumni have great pride in the athletic tradition and remarkable accomplishment of our teams, given the small size of our student body. Administration support for athletics has been eroding of late and surely this has negatively impacted fund raising and Lafayette name recognition.

    I wish you success in re-establishing the trust of all segments of the alumni in your administration.

  4. Congratulations and welcome President Byerly.

    As a member of one of the last classes to graduate from “all-male” Lafayette, I think that it’s great that we have selected a female President.

    Best wishes, and I look forward to meeting you the next time that I am on campus, or the next time that you visit Pittsburgh.

    Richard N. Lettieri, Esq.
    Class of ’69

  5. Tom O'Connor '82 says:

    Congratulations and welcome to the Lafayette Community. As a graduate engineer I have always felt that I received a very well-rounded education from the small school on the hill. It would be nice to see if some accommodations could be made to recognize the charitable contributions that Greek life contributed to the school.

    Tom O’Connor ’82
    Delta Tau Delta

  6. Ellen Kravet Burke says:

    Congratulations to Dr. Byerly. We are thrilled to welcome a female President and wish you all the best.
    Ellen Kravet Burke ’76
    Ray Burke , Phi Kappa Psi, ’75

  7. Allan Campbell '68 says:

    Congratulations and welcome to Lafayette! Under your leadership may Lafayette take another step forward from its long-standing position as a national college leader in the teaching of sciences, engineering and the liberal arts.

  8. Leslie Morgan says:

    Welcome Alison! I am excited that Lafayette chose a woman to lead the college. My son will be joining the freshman class next year as a third generation Leopard. He is so excited about the future of the college.

    Leslie P. Morgan 1983
    Theodore S. Morgan 1953
    Theodore J. Morgan 2017

  9. John R Beckum, P.E.,L.S.,P.P says:

    As an “OLD” alum, one that was proud to be a VET prior to coming to Lafayette, an Engineering grad, BSCE’62, as well as a member of an all male college community, there has been way too much emphasis on LC being a Liberal Arts college and National Leader. It is refreshing to hear the new President at least recognize that ENGINEERING played a monumental role in attaining the greatness Lafayette now displays acedemically. Not all future engineers wanted to go to Lehigh, and there was a time not too many years ago, Lafayette was recognized on a level with great, NATIONALLY ranked, engineering schools. For those of us that have been “Lafayette” for so long, we NEVER thought we were a regional college. Recognize and support our history as a combined Liberal Arts and Engineering College, try not to forget what we were for so long. 43% of my graduating class are engineers..we STILL believe we went to a great ENGINEERING school!!!

  10. Francey Kanengiser Burke says:

    Warmest congratulations and welcome to Lafayette! My Freshman son Ryan is equally pleased! Please visit alums in Cape May County, NJ when your travel schedule permits.
    Francey Kanengiser Burke ’80, P’04, P’16

  11. Jeff Ruthizer '62 says:

    All of us wish her well, but it could have started off on a higher note if the new President had not incorrectly stated in one of her published interviews that Lafayette was always considered a well respected “regional college” before it became what it is today. Most of us who have gone there over the past fifty years have had a different perception of where we chose to go, as have the national ratings, listings and review services.

  12. jennifer willis says:

    With the guarantee of excellent leadership and talent at the top this college is sure to live long and prosper!

  13. Theresa Fiorelli says:

    Congratulations, Ms. Byerly, and the best of luck, happiness and success at Lafayette College! My son has just completed his last semester there and will be graduating in May, so unfortunately he will not be a student under your leadership. But, he had an amazing experience there and we know you will, too! All the best!!

  14. Bonnie Dalzell says:

    Alison, I vividly remember watching you in chorus when you were a student at Abington High School; the lovely expressive way you lifted your eyebrows above your bright eyes, showing the audience you were totally immersed in your vocal performance – giving it your all. I knew that you would shine in your career path, and you have! Fondly, Susan’s Mom, Bonnie Dalzell.

  15. Linda Assante says:

    Welcome Alison! Very much look forward to meeting you and working in partnership as we further expand Lafayette’s presence on the West Coast. Congratulations – I wish you all the best!

  16. John Rehm says:

    Welcome to Lafayette, Alison, and please visit our alumni in Houston when you hit the road!

    John Rehm ’73

  17. Tina Werkheiser says:

    Congratulations and welcome to Lafayette.

  18. Amy Ludwig says:

    Congratulations, Alison Byerly! Welcome to the Lafayette community.

  19. Sheila Carnicelli says:

    This is wonderful news, and will provide great balance to the college to have senior female leadership. A similar expansion in the trustee formation would be equally compelling!

  20. Liza Roos Lucy '74 P'12, '15 says:

    Fantastic! 40+ years of women on campus. Lafayette, we are here!

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