Zachary Martin ’21

Zachary Martin ’21 spent the summer of 2019 at Picatinny Arsenal, Morris County, N.J., where the Army develops armaments and munitions.

Zachary Martin ’21 (electrical and computer engineering)

Department of Defense SMART Scholarship

Summary: As part of my SMART scholarship, I got to visit Picatinny Arsenal, where the Army develops weapons systems. I have an internship there this coming summer, and it’s where I will work after I graduate from Lafayette. I got to tour a couple of facilities there, such as their software engineering center and pyrotechnics research lab. I also met my future coworkers in the munition sensors branch and spent the day talking about potential projects I could work on when I get there. It was an exciting day and very informative. 

Zachary Martin ’21Highlight of the experience: Getting to sit in a M1 Abrams tank and learning about the various control systems that it uses.

What did you learn that surprised you? I did not realize how much technology goes into our military. The accuracy and preciseness of the instruments and sensors they use is astounding. All the while those components have the durability to survive combat conditions.

How will your experience benefit you in the future? This scholarship allows me to get a head start on my career by letting me enter the civilian workforce after I graduate. I get exposed to research and development, project management, and system testing. I get to experience various aspects of an engineering career while growing my skills.

Can you recall one experience/moment that will stay with you for the rest of your life? At the end of my visit, I got to climb up a very tall radio tower and see the skyline of New York City. It was a great way to end a great day.

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