Friendship, belonging, a sense of connection, and love—however it’s worded—is one of the basic need states from Maslow’s Hierarchy that we all seek. But many things can influence how we realize it, including race, gender, class, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, citizenship, and age. The ways we feel excluded from the dominant culture can have us navigate certain margins, whether visible or invisible. Navigating Spaces is a video series that allows students and alumni to talk openly and candidly about those margins and how they found a sense of belonging as they navigated their Lafayette experience.

The first two videos in this series focus on members of POSSE.

Ibrahima Bah ’06
Member of New York City Posse 1


G. Charles Evans ’19
Member of Washington D.C. Posse 10

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  • If you know of students or alumni who may want to share their Lafayette experience as part of this series, please reach out to the Communications Division.
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