Aaron Shoemaker ’22 (biochemistry)

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Aaron Shoemaker ’22

Barry Goldwater Scholarship

The Goldwater Scholarship is offered to sophomore or junior undergraduate students who are intending to pursue a career in STEM research and who show potential of becoming lead researchers in their field. This scholarship awards the students $7,500 annually for use in paying for their education.

After many conversations with my research and academic advisers, I was nominated to apply for the Goldwater Scholarship. I looked at the scholarship as an opportunity to earn funding for my senior year and to grow my own research and career aspirations before applying to graduate school.

I plan to pursue a Ph.D. in medicinal or synthetic organic chemistry. I would love to conduct synthetic chemistry research at a university or at a research and development pharmaceutical laboratory. 

I chose to be a biochemistry major because I was amazed by the way I could understand biological phenomena such as physiological processes by studying how molecules interact and react with each other.

Anticipated highlight of the experience: I think the highlight of this experience for me will be the improvement of my research skills and chemical intuition as a research student. I am particularly excited about connecting with other Goldwater Scholars who have gone on to attend leading Ph.D. programs and significantly contribute to their respective fields. 

I am beyond honored and grateful to receive this scholarship. I view this scholarship not as a validation of my own achievements, but as motivation and encouragement to keep striving to improve as a chemist. 

I hope to connect with previous Goldwater Scholars and gain a broader perspective on what it means to earn a Ph.D. and conduct research at the graduate level. I also hope to continue with the research I outlined in my proposal. I hope to apply the skills and concepts I learned throughout the proposal-writing process toward making exciting discoveries before I graduate from Lafayette.

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