By Stephen Wilson

A long shot as a person walks down a distant road. Mushrooms, siloed out, popping up on a proscenium stage. An actor speaking about the anxiety that has plagued his life since his father’s death. A woman spinning a tea infuser in a glass of water. A group of students playing mahjong while laughing at the ways one person’s name is routinely mispronounced in English.

The subject matter, genres, and shooting styles varied greatly in the spring FAMS student showcase, but the films captured the creative artistry and technical know-how of a talented group of young filmmakers.

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Gathering in a theater to view the films was not possible, so the department inflated a screen and projected the work as dusk fell on the Quad.

Students included those in various stages of learning, from Integrated Practice classes to documentary capstone to FAMS capstone projects.

The festival showed work by Henry Fritz ’24, Kimberly Manalang ’21, Paul Hebert ’22, Katie Riley ’23, Updendra Pandey ’23, Maggie Champagne ’23, Jonathan Arrington ’21, Jay Ascher ’22, Fatimah Fair ’22, Nicolas Cadby ’21, Huslen Dashpurev ’22, Sang-Hee Park ’21, Anthony Orlando ’21, and Gabriel Hershewe ’21.

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