Psychology major and EXCEL Scholar Nicole Toumanios ’23 is working on not one, but two neurodevelopmental research projects during the summer of her sophomore year. The first is a study on the effects of a drug derived from broccoli sprouts (called Sulforaphane) and its behavioral effects on a mouse model that mimics many of the behavioral symptoms of autism spectrum disorder. She is also learning how to perform reading measures on kindergarten and second grade children to contribute data to Prof. Lisa Gabel‘s dyslexia lab.

Nicole Toumanios with a lab mouse

Nicole Toumanios ’23 is contributing to two neuroscience research projects this summer.

“I hope that this research helps both me and other students in the lab acquire the skills needed to pursue educational and career paths that allow us to contribute to research on and/or treatment for neurodevelopmental disorders,” says Toumanios.

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