The work of Tracie Addy, associate dean of teaching and learning at Lafayette College, was recently published in the digital magazine University Business. Alongside two campus leaders at fellow higher-ed institutions, Addy co-authored an article that stressed the importance of systematically integrating students into planning efforts at both the class and institutional levels.

Tracie Addy, Associate Dean of Teaching & Learning, Director of CITLS, Labor Day 2021

Tracie Addy

As institutional leaders are making critical decisions about how to teach their students in complex and novel times, Addy explains, a sustained dialogue and partnership with students is crucial to the success of both professors and those whom they teach.

Addie argues that students who feel respected and heard by their institutions develop a greater sense of belonging, hone their communication and analytical skills, and learn more deeply in their disciplines.

“Meaningful relationships with faculty contribute to undergraduate student learning, motivation, identity development, well-being, graduation rates, and post-graduation career and civic outcomes,” she writes.

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