Student walks down sidewalk with white veil trailing in the breeze

By Stephen Wilson

A big, blue floppy hat. A barbell. Green leafy vines.

Such commonplace objects. 

A serape. A wedding dress. A cape.

Commonplace articles of clothing.

An alligator attack. A feather dotted with syrup. Breasts for eyes.

Less commonplace.

All of these items as clothes?

Far less commonplace.

But of no surprise as sculpture students from two classes wore their creations and strolled the Quad.  

The students’ assignment was to create a wearable sculpture using their bodies as frames.

Students then explored that assignment both “formally and metaphorically” according to Nestor Gil, associate professor of art.

“They have used this assignment to investigate their identities, reflect on their Lafayette experiences, explore their histories, and to make absurdity and comedy, too,” Gil says.

This gallery showcases all that they created:


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