Amauri Gutiérrez-Coto smilesAmauri Gutiérrez-Coto, assistant professor of Spanish

Research areas: Gutiérrez-Coto’s research interests are primarily focused on Caribbean studies, particularly in the Africana diaspora. He also has authored three scholarly monographs, including a literary history, and seven edited volumes, including a critical edition. His Africana diaspora research is centered on Afro-Cuban poetry, 19th to 20th century.

His Lafayette journey: GutiérrezCoto joined the Lafayette faculty in 2015.

Faculty affiliations include: Africana studies (fall 2017-present); Latin American and Caribbean studies (spring 2016-present); medieval, Renaissance, and early-modern studies (fall 2017-present); women’s, gender, and sexuality studies (spring 2020-present), and international affairs (spring 2020-present)

What he’ll be teaching this fall: SPAN103 Accelerated Elementary Spanish; SPAN341 Topics in LGBTQ+ Lit Culture

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