By Stella Katsipoutis-Varkanis

Nope, you’re not seeing double. Today, for the first time—in our lifetime, anyway—the stars have perfectly aligned to bring us an event that’s twice as nice. Not only is 2/22/22 one of the rarest palindrome dates (that is, it can be read the same way forward and backward), but it also lands on a Tuesday, the second day of the business week.

Does it get any better than that? Yes, it does. Because we know all good things come in pairs, we here at Lafayette are celebrating “Twosday” by recognizing several sets of twin students. Here, the delightful duos answer, of course, two questions: Why Lafayette, and why with your twin?

Elonne and Qwin Pisacane ’25

Identical twin Lafayette students Elonne and Qwin Pisacane sitting next to each other in a classroom in front of a white board

Identical twins Elonne (left) and Qwin (right) Pisacane ’25

Why Lafayette?

ELONNE: I chose Lafayette because it is a school where I can pursue a diverse range of interests. From engineering to Spanish, I can take fascinating courses and foster my passion for the arts through many programs. Also, I was overwhelmed by kindness when I first stepped on campus, and that definitely drove my decision to come to Lafayette.

QWIN: Lafayette stood out to me as soon as I stepped on campus for a college tour. All the people I met that day were kind, fun, and interesting to talk to. I also loved that I could pursue engineering and the liberal arts at Laf. I knew right away that Lafayette was a place where I would be able to thrive for my four years of college.

Why Lafayette with your twin?

ELONNE: Lafayette was my twin sister’s first choice as well as mine. We are very close, and she has always been my greatest support. She constantly inspires me and challenges me to be my best self. Her compassion and humor are parts of my life that would be hard to live without. I am glad we chose to come to Lafayette together!

QWIN: Ellie and I are really close; she supports me in the hard times, celebrates with me in the good times, and makes me laugh every day. I knew I wanted to come to college with her, but our senior year we both made a pact that if we liked different schools we would go to college separately. After touring Lafayette, we knew it was the perfect choice for both of us, and we both applied Early Decision II.

Abbey and Sam Milhaven ’24

Twin Lafayette students Abbey and Sam Milhaven sitting next to each other in a classroom in front of a white board

Fraternal twins Abbey (left) and Sam (right) Milhaven ’24

Why Lafayette?

ABBEY: I originally wasn’t considering Lafayette as one of the schools that I would apply to since I was interested in so many potential majors. But what struck me was how Lafayette didn’t force students to fit into a prescribed curriculum and follow a set path. Instead, students are supported and given the opportunity to find the course forward that’s right for them, which was so welcoming to me. Now I am here, pursuing all my passions—a dual degree in psychology (B.S.) as well as anthropology and sociology (B.A.)—and also performing in Pep Band and Percussion Ensemble … something I never thought I would be able to do in college. 

SAM: I’m interested in a career in robotics or engineering, but I also enjoy the humanities and creative pursuits like writing and music. I was looking for a school that would allow me to combine my passion for both science and the arts. The first time I visited Lafayette, I was pretty sure it was the place for me; now that I’m here, I’m certain. I’m studying robotics, and I’m a member of the Lafayette Motorsports team. I’m also studying film and media studies, performing in the Pep Band and Percussion Ensemble, and working at the scene shop for the theater program. I know that what I am able to learn and do here will help prepare me for my future.

Why Lafayette with your twin?

ABBEY: We both were looking at a bunch of schools. Some were the same, some were different. I think we were both prepared to go our own ways when we graduated from high school. But Lafayette ended up being the school that offered the opportunities that were best suited for the different things we were both looking for. Now we are able to be together in a place that celebrates our individuality and also each other as twins, which is something truly unique. I honestly can’t imagine being anywhere else, and I certainly can’t imagine Lafayette without Sam.

SAM: I don’t think either of us was purposefully looking to go to the same school with each other. But we weren’t avoiding it either. Lafayette ended up being right for both of us, but for different reasons. I think that’s what makes Lafayette so special.

Adam and Dylan Fletcher ’24

Identical twin Lafayette students Dylan and Adam Fletcher sitting next to each other in a classroom in front of a white board

Identical twins Adam (left) and Dylan (right) Fletcher ’24

Why Lafayette?

ADAM: I chose Lafayette because, being from Jamaica, I was never exposed to any institution with more than 3,000 students. My family and I decided it would be best to commit to a school with a smaller size. Lafayette was also a great choice financially and academically, as l am currently on a scholarship studying engineering.

DYLAN: I chose Lafayette because it was a relatively small school that I felt wouldn’t be too overwhelming as well as one where I could build strong, personal relationships with those around me.

Why Lafayette with your twin?

ADAM: I chose to attend Lafayette with my twin because we have never really been apart, and we still even room together. Being at the same college allows us to help and depend on each other, whether it be in class or something as simple as meeting new people.

DYLAN: Everything is so much easier when I am always with the person I grew up with. This relates to rooming, meeting new people, helping each other with assignments, etc.

Kevin and Kamryn Durfee ’23

Twin Lafayette students Kevin and Kamryn Durfee sitting next to each other in a classroom in front of a white board

Fraternal twins Kevin (left) and Kamryn (right) Durfee ’23

Why Lafayette?

KEVIN: When I was looking at schools, I knew I wanted to go somewhere with a great engineering program that had plenty of research/project opportunities, but I wanted a small-school environment. Lafayette was exactly what I was looking for! I have had countless opportunities since the moment I arrived on campus, such as working on the Formula Electric Vehicle project, which has been a dream come true.

KAMRYN: From the moment I stepped on campus, I knew Lafayette would be a great place for me. I instantly felt a sense of community and could see myself thriving here.

Why Lafayette with your twin?

KEVIN: My sister and I ended up at Lafayette together by chance, as we looked at schools independently, but I couldn’t be more grateful that we’re both here. I can see my twin whenever I want, which really helps to prevent being homesick, and it makes my parents’ lives so much easier whenever they want to visit.

KAMRYN: Even though my twin and I did an independent search, we were excited to both choose the same college. It’s fun to see each other around campus. We are lucky to have made so many great family memories at Lafayette, and we cannot wait to graduate together.

Samantha and Stephanie Papalia ’25

Identical twin Lafayette students Samantha and Stephanie Papalia sitting next to each other in a classroom in front of a white board

Identical twins Samantha (left) and Stephanie (right) Papalia ’25

Why Lafayette?

SAMANTHA: I chose Lafayette because of the countless resources and connections the College has with graduate schools, and the mentors that help you along the way. I am planning on going to either physician assistant or medical school, and already I have attended multiple panels with alumni and various health profession schools.

STEPHANIE: I was drawn to Lafayette because of the small community feel. I was initially drawn to Lafayette because of the great academics and networking the College has to offer. When I visited, I instantly felt at home. I loved how friendly everyone was, and I fell in love with the campus. I knew it was a community I wanted to be a part of.

Why Lafayette with your twin?

SAMANTHA: Going to Lafayette with my twin sister wasn’t something that had to happen, but it was definitely a plus. We both have very similar taste in just about everything, so both of us happened to love the College and all it had to offer. Being at school together has made the transition a lot easier and is very comforting.

STEPHANIE: We both loved the school and decided we would be able to excel here together.

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