Student runs ink to silk screen the shirtReporters from WFMZ-TV and The Morning Call recently paid a visit to the College’s Experimental Printmaking Institute to learn about students’ creative efforts to raise money for the people of Ukraine.

Students in professor Pedro Barbeito‘s class each crafted their own creative shirt and poster design to be printed on shirts and posters and then voted on a class favorite. The design created by Alexandra Kasparian ’22 was selected to be printed on shirts and posters. Students will be selling the shirts and posters and using the money raised to help vulnerable Ukrainians.

The Morning Call also spoke to Deanna Hanchuk ’22, a Ukrainian-American who is part of a campus fundraiser through the College‚Äôs student government, and Olena Ogrokhina, associate professor of economics and a native of Ukraine, who has been collecting first aid and medical supplies on campus.


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