By: Denisse Villegas ’25

Perry Zimmerman smiles

“I’m grateful for all of the faculty, staff, and students who have made the last four years, four years to never forget. I was able to bring Cycle for Survival to Lafayette, which was something that I’ve been trying to do since my first year. I started it junior year, and that would not have been possible without the help of Louise Frazier, Adam Atkinson, and everyone else who was there along the way.” –Perry Zimmerman ’23 (philosophy)

Daniel Andrade Felix smiles

“I’m grateful to have a community that, despite not being as big as certain colleges, really makes me feel at home. I feel like an actual individual that can have a real impact on this community, which is why I’m part of clubs like International Students Association, Hispanic Society of Lafayette, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, and Salsa Club. I feel like I’m a respected member within these clubs that is contributing and giving an extra value to the community.” –Daniel Andrade Felix ’25 (mechanical engineering)

Abigail Mann

“As a relatively new member of the Lafayette community, this year I am grateful for so many folks who welcomed me to campus and helped me make a new home here. I am grateful for the many brilliant and talented College staff members who keep Lafayette running, for the supportive and insightful faculty colleagues who gave me so much of their time and energy as I settled in, and for the students I worked with in class and beyond whose commitment to challenging themselves is inspirational.” –Abbey Mann (assistant professor of psychology)

Maggie Larsen smiles

“I’m grateful for the connections that I [have] with the professors and the small classroom environments where I learn best. I found throughout my four years here at Lafayette I have grown close to the professors and have direct networking connections from them. I’ve had the opportunity to work on big projects such as the broadcast with PBS 39 through the policy studies department, which I don’t think I would have had as much direct attention and assistance from my professors if it wasn’t such a small school with that strong professor-student relationship presence.” –Magdalen (Maggie) Larsen ’23 (policy studies and women, gender, and sexuality studies)

Louise Frazier smiles

“At Lafayette, I am grateful and thankful to meet students where they are, with the opportunity to support, care, and bring little bits of joy along the way.” –Louise Frazier (associate director of admissions and coordinator of student success)

Zubair Ali smiles

“One of the biggest things that I am grateful for is the diversity that is at Lafayette in terms of opportunities. I’m someone who never had any riding experience before, and now I am a member of the Equestrian Club here at Lafayette. I think that’s so beautiful and so amazing that, at Lafayette, you can join these spaces having no experience, immerse yourself in them, and become this different person. I am so grateful for the opportunity that there is at Lafayette to change, to grow, and to explore yourself. I am also really grateful for the people that I meet at Lafayette. Even if it’s a small school, you can still find your community and find your people.” –Zubair Ali ’24 (religion and politics)

Brandon Morris smiles

“I’m most grateful for the connections that I have been able to make with anyone from faculty, staff, and administrators here because I think that is what truly helps me to do the job and the great work that I am able to do in my office. If I didn’t have those, there is no way that I would be able to reach the students and be able to do what is in my heart and that is give back.” –Brandon Morris (first year class dean and fellowship advisor, advising)

Gabriel Castillo smiles

“I am most grateful for the community here at Lafayette, whether that be other first-years, upperclassmen, faculty members, and professors. They have been really supportive and helpful in my journey. I experienced a lot of difficulty at the beginning of the semester because the transition was so hard for me. However, by talking to Dean [Brandon] Morris, Ms. [Louise] Frazier, and being a part of HSL, I have really found a sense of belonging and community here. I don’t think that I would be able to do it without all of the support that I have around me.” –Gabriel Castillo ’26 (English)

Abigail Close smiles

“Every morning I wake up excited to head to College Hill. I am so grateful for my Scott Hall family that I get to work with everyday, and for all the conversations I get to have with my students. Being able to have an impact and help with anything that is on their plate brings me such joy. I look forward to seeing how this campus grows and all of the students we can continue to support.” –Abigail Close (junior dean and college transition specialist, advising)

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