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  1. Jash K. Patel says:

    Congratulations #Lafayette186 #Leopardsof2021 #beatlehigh.

  2. Lynn Ball says:

    Terribly fragmented recap of 2021 graduation ‘s. Why should one have to go to so many pages to find the total accomplishments of each of the students you’ve chosen to feature? For example, isn’t winning the Pepper award more significant than Basit going on to Goldman? Another, Victoria Puglia-Pujol isn’t just going on to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, she’s going on as the FIRST WOMAN in Lafayette ‘s HISTORY to be awarded a Rhodes Scholarship! And, where and why have you not listed the Summa and Magna cum Laude graduates? Valedictorian?Salutetorian? And, where are all the other accomplishments for which these students have worked so hard? Too bad you don’t get a redo. Hopefully, my comment will assure them they have not been forgotten, even though they their Lafayette moment is over.

    1. Katrin Neitz says:

      Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. If it’s helpful to know, we did share Basit’s Pepper Prize accomplishment (see story here: https://news.lafayette.edu/2021/05/24/when-you-give-you-receive-in-multitudes/), and we did call attention to Victoria’s amazing achievement (see story here: https://news.lafayette.edu/2021/05/25/rockstars-of-the-class-of-2021/, and here: https://news.lafayette.edu/2021/01/13/passport-to-success/). As for coverage of the valedictorians, please stay tuned for that! This year, final grades for seniors were submitted after commencement, and so that information was not available to be included in our Commencement day coverage. We agree that’s important information to share, and so we will be writing about those accomplished seniors and will publish that story soon.

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