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  1. William H Thomas Jr says:

    In my business I deal with a lot of deceased folks, rather survivors actually. The funeral homes send me an email, real time, when folks in the area die, as they will to anyone.

    I know the info you get on the passing of alumni is often dated, but it is the best info you have,

    Perhaps there is a list that I could search.

    When I was younger I could not understand why my parents always opened the paper to the obits. Sadly now I do.

    I would sign up for an as occurring, weekly, or monthly email notification of the passing of alumni.

    Warm regards, Bill Thomas ‘68

  2. Liz Hix says:

    I noticed that Robert Barsky isn’t listed as a 9/11 victim. He was an engineer at the site following the attack. He died from cancer from working at Ground Zero. I believe he graduated in the 1970’s. He was a family friend & a fantastic guy.

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